The MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that is available as a group benefit to employees of participating groups. It is a nationwide network of more than 100,000 participating dentist locations consisting of carefully credentialed general and specialty dentists. All participating dentists agree to accept negotiated fees as payment in-full for services provided to plan participants. PDP fees typically range from 10-35% below the average fees charged by dentists in your area for the same or substantially similar services.

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Having access to MetLife’s PDP through your employer gives you and your family more reasons to smile with these valuable features:* Savings on out-of-pocket costs for covered and non covered services

*Freedom visit any dentist of your choice, whether they’re in the MetLife PDP or not. Of course,    if your dentist is not in the MetLife PDP, your out of pocket fees may be higher.

*Access to educational tools and resources

A Concern for Your Privacy

At MetLife, they are dedicated to protecting your right to privacy. That is why if you would like to authorize someone, such as a spouse, relative or friend to help you with matters concerning your dental benefits please click on the link below:

>> Dental HIPAA Authorization for Disclosure of Personal Health Information