Inner Imaging is the only independent imaging facility in America affiliated with a major Heart Institute. (Beth Israel Medical Center)


Inner Imaging offers you the highest level of coronary and vital orgran diagnostics, and the most complete patient services. No other scanning facility can offer you all that Inner Imaging does.

Not only is Inner Imaging dedicated to healthy heart care, they also provide unsurpassed diagnostics of vital organs such as a Lung Scan, Colonography, Bone Density Scan, Angiography, and Organ Imaging.

Heart Disease is the #1 killer of men and women in America. This year 1,600,000 people will have a heart attack, and hundreds of thousands will die never knowing they had heart disease.

Early detection is the “best medicine” for heart disease. Take advantage of all Inner Imaging has to offer. Those who have the advantage of early detection of heart disease have often been able to significantly reduce or even reverse their heart disease. An Inner Imaging heart scan can detect the signs of heart disease years before it becomes dangerous!

Get the results of your scan at the end of your visit, and discuss the results with a Cardiologist of the Heart Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center. Their Cardiologists review the pictures of your scans with you on a large computer screen, and discuss your risk level based on comparative data of over 80,000 patients who have been tested. Most patients leave with the peace of mind that they are not in danger.

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Remember, if you use their service you will be reimbursed $100.00