To All Eligible Members of The Superior Officers Benevolent Association

The Program Listed Below Is Available “AT-NO-CHARGE” To You & Your Family

*Comprehensive eleven point eye examination, includes Glaucoma Testing.

*Selection of contemporary frames. Available in various styles, sizes and colors up to a retail value of $200.00.

*All first quality made lenses in Plastic or Glass includes: Single Vision, Bifocals, Blended Bifocals, Trifocals, Safety, Oversize, GVS 2000, XT30 and Progressive Multifocals.

*Cosmetic Tints, Prescription Sunglass Lenses, Ultra Violet Coating, Glass Sun-Sensitive, Scratch Resistant Coating and Reflection Free.

*Standard Hard or Soft Daily Wear Contact Lenses and Extended Wear Contact Lenses including Spherical and Astigmatic Lenses.



For members and their families who are not eligible or who have used their optical benefits

>30% Discount Off any additional pair of Glasses or Contact Lenses (discount applies to first visit only on disposable lenses.)

>$5.00 Discount off a comprehensive eleven point eye examination including Glaucoma Testing.


For those participants who reside inside of the General Vision Services Network and choose to use their own Doctor, you must First call General Vision Services at 1-800-VISION 1 to confirm your eligibility and to request a Reimbursement Form. Upon completion and return of the form with a receipt, General Vision Services will reimburse eligible participants up to $75.00 for eye exam and glasses.

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